About Us

About Stellar Health Centers

Stellar Health Care continues a tradition of excellence that began in 2000. We started with our Mission:

We are a Christian health care organization that manages the highest level of healthcare services to meet the ongoing needs of the communities in which we serve. We strive to promote progressive healthcare, fitness, and education with an emphasis on improving quality of life and preventing injuries. We believe that each person needs to be treated with integrity, compassion, and respect while providing comprehensive care. This requires cost-effectively managing services in a manner which exceeds our customer’s expectations.

We will Accomplish this Mission by:

  • Ensuring that services provided are of the highest quality
  • Ensuring that patient treatment programs appropriately address the whole person (mind, body, and spirit).
  • Striving to maintain excellence in continuing education and maintaining a comprehensive understanding of current treatment procedures.
  • Allowing patients to maintain an active role throughout the treatment process.
  • Respecting the rights of people at all times.
  • Fostering respect and dignity of each person.
  • Using a team approach with all clinical professionals to provide the best possible treatment outcomes.
  • Facilitating a person’s independence through education and encouraging participation in developing their own goals and striving to attain their highest possible potential.
  • Consulting with or participating with other healthcare providers.
  • Promoting cooperative partnerships with the communities we serve.

About our Clinic

Our first clinic was established in Little Falls, Minnesota, the first home of Preferred Choice Chiropractic. Our mission requires compassion and involves working with families, employers, and healthcare professionals for healthier communities. Holding true to our mission, we found community support in Howard Lake, Minnesota. Working together with the community we were able to accomplish great things. We identified additional community needs and in order to meet the needs of Howard Lake, we expanded our services. In addition to Preferred Choice Chiropractic, we added physical therapy through Phenomenal Rehabilitation and more wellness services through Vital Fitness in 2001. Since then, Phenomenal Rehabilitation has also expanded to add occupational therapy services. Our most recent clinic, which is another home for Phenomenal Rehabilitation and Preferred Choice Chiropractic, was added in St. Michael in 2003. We plan on continual expansion as the communities we serve continue to develop different needs and as new community partnerships are formed.

We are your hometown and community-focused healthcare provider. Our caring staff of professionals is dedicated to giving you personal care. We offer a team approach and will work with you as a partner in your health and wellness. Our staff prides themselves on going the extra mile for the community by offering educational seminars and volunteer work to support the community’s charitable efforts. Thanks to your continued support, we are planning for the future, allowing a destiny of service and compassion to guide our way.